Electric Disappearing Propellor Boat – Dippy

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Why a Dispro?

I had it in my mind to produce an electric drive vessel when it was suggested that I consider building a reproduction of the classic “Dispro”. It turns out that the “Dispro” boat with its ingenious retractable propeller, efficient shape and graceful lines were an ideal candidate for such a hull project.

With the help from an acquaintance well versed in Dispro history I was able to acquire original factory plans for the Waterford model. My acquaintance lamented that these lovely old craft were becoming harder and harder to find. The reason being after years of Dispro enthusiasts searching old boat houses and barns there are few of the originals left. There is however some of the original hardware, engines, and machinery that have outlasted the hulls, still available.

To this original machinery I fastened an electric drive motor. A perfect application for these times and this vessel, especially in the current climate of environmental concerns and outrageous fuel prices, I believe, the electric powered Dispro with all its positive attributes is an excellent vessel to begin to address these weighty issues. What’s more is the pleasure gained by cruising at a quiet, smooth and inviting pace.

(An original motor of the Dispro era or a modern 4 stroke are also alternatives available to customers.)

Though built with an eye on authenticity my Dispro’s biggest difference is the planking. I have adopted it to my building a technique called epoxy lapstrake. Lapstrake planking is how the original Dispros were built. It is a time honoured system that dates back to the Vikings and produces strong, durable and light boats. My technique instead of using mechanical fastenings like the Vikings and the Dispro builders to fasten primarily softwood planks instead uses epoxy to fasten marine plywood planks. My method produces a stronger, more durable, longer lasting and completely leak proof vessel.

My philosophy of the build is Past meets Present with an eye to the Future.

Performance, Results & Specifications

With several runs in her wake it has become evident that her performance far exceeds my expectations.

Twice we have made runs of 41/2 hours using approximately 1/2 our useable reserves. This with Karen and I on board cruising at 5 knots (5.5 mph). I have substantiated this with a volt meter at home not believing my onboard gauge!  It seems that the electric dispro can outpace the most enthusiastic boaters in a day.

The power is supplied via a 4KW 48Volt permanent magnet brushless motor. Energised by four 12 volt deep cycle sealed gel marine batteries.

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