About Mark

My idea is to build tasteful hand crafted wooden row and or sailboats to compliment your dockside.

These light shapely hulls row efficiently. However, add an optional sail rig and enjoy the versatility of these attractive wooden craft. Either way, whether you sail or row these unique boats you are left with a peaceful undisturbed environment.

Why! I wanted to teach my children the joys of sailing. While sailing around Spain I have seen many children (and adults) learning to sail in harbours and anchorages in small light, simple, wooden boats having great fun. On returning home to Port Sydney, Muskoka, I thought “why haven’t I seen similar craft on the lakes of Muskoka, Canada?” I decided to build them myself.

What! Small sail/row boats that can be easily car topped. Great beginner boats for the kids to learn the joys of sailing. These wooden boats will also row effectively and efficiently. Either choice will leave your surroundings undisturbed. Clean healthy fun for the kids, and adults, alike.

How! My boats are handcrafted using high quality mahogany plywood, fastened with stainless steel screws and epoxy, belt and braces! All plywood edges are epoxy sealed. Seats and sailing “sticks” finished in varnish to accentuate the natural handcrafted beauty of the wood.

Mark Harwood