Builder of Wooden Row and Sail Boats – Mark Harwood

For over 10 years now I have been building wooden row/sail/motor boats, handcrafted in the Heart of Muskoka, Ontario.  I can also custom build boats to your designs, can undertake repair work on your wooden boat and now offer the service to re canvass canoes. 

Using a modern variation of the traditional lapstrake technique, my boats are strong, but light & pleasing to the eye. Built of high quality marine, mahogany plywood the plank laps are bonded with epoxy creating a strong watertight hull. Strong enough that the traditional use of ribs are not needed. The resulting structure is thereby much lighter and cleaner with little in the way to trap dirt and moisture.

Enjoy the water without disturbing it. Sail or row these attractive boats for pleasure & health. Not on the water? They are lightweight and easily transported. These light shapely hulls row efficiently. However, add a sail rig & enjoy the versatility of these classic wooden craft. Either way, whether you row or sail these unique boats you are left with a peaceful undisturbed environment.